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Detailed construction notes for building and testing each of the SDR Cube kit modules

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Accessory Enclosure ... Many Ways to use!                        ... (Section version 1.0a)


What Is It?


The Accessory Enclosure is the same shape and black powder-coated aluminum as the main Enclosure, but has a blank front and rear panel to allow custom projects to be housed.  (The only exception to this enclosure being totally blank is that it also has the hole on the rear panel for the DB-15S connector, as most custom projects will indeed need/want an I/O connector of some sort.)


Some interesting uses for the Accessory Enclosure ... holding an external Softrock, an RF power amp, speakers, power supply, antenna tuner, SWR/power meter, or what ever else you might like to build up for your "Cube line".



[____]  STEP 1:  Inventory the supplied parts


Check to make sure you received the Accessory Enclosure and its related hardware bag pictured below.  (Click on any photo to see a larger image.)



Designator QTY Description  
ENC 1 Enclosure (chassis and cover only)  See above
FEET-Front 2 Rubber feet, 0.937" x 0.625"  
FEET-rear 2 Rubber feet, 0.5" dia x 0.14"  
  2 Screw, sheet metal, #4, 1/2" (FEET)  
  2 Washer, #2, flat (FEET)  
   4  Screws, Flathead, Phillips, #4-40 x 3/16"  


[____]  STEP 2:  Attach rubber feet to the bottom of the chassis in a manner similar as done to the main Enclosure.



[____]  STEP 3:  Customize your enclosure! 




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