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Photo Gallery


OH2NLT  lab for SDR Cube Development & Measurement

SDR Cube demo at the National Electronics Museum club K3NEM in Baltimore, MD (Nov 10, 2011)

NEM club members intently putting the SDR Cube through on-the-air exercise.  Fully operational SDR station shows: SDR Cube connected to NUE-PSK Digital Modem, pre-production Stereo Speaker Cubes, and pre-production "SDR RF PowerCube" (rightmost).  No stinkin' computer being used!!

Amplified stereo speakers produce stunning quality
with "binaural audio" turned on to 10ms
during ARCI Spring QSO contest (April 2, 2011)

Cover article in QRP Quarterly: Winter 2011

Going portable with the SDR Cube

Operating from hotel room
(Pacific Antenna PAC-12 vertical on roof)

Cube & speakers elevated
for better view by the crowd

N2APB making an SSB contact

Scotty WA2DFI at the helm

Elevated station for better viewing

Amplified speakers just the right size
(Stereo speakers provide best demo of
binaural audio capabilities
 ... but even better in headphones!)

Lyle Johnson, KK7P at the helm.

SDR Cube pcb set arranged side-by-side for easy development

Professional aluminum enclosure option for the SDR Cube



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