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It's just gotten LOTS EASIER to purchase and get going with your SDR Cube Transceiver!

Software Update & Calibration Service ... is available at no charge. See item below for details

Fully Assembled & Tested
Includes Softrock RF deck, with Multi-Rx and TXPA modules for 80m/40m & 30m/20m/17m


 Set of 8 pre-asembled & tested PCB assemblies: 
DSP, Controls, I/O board, Softrock Base, TXPA (2), Multi-Rx, X-LPF, Internal Cables, and Enclosure.




Software Update & Calibration Service ... NO CHARGE


Just pay for the return shipping, send us your Cube (to Midnight Design address below), and well be happy to:

1)  Load the latest software;

2)  Run your Cube through the calibration process here on the bench: frequency, opposite sideband rejection (for Rx) and suppression (for Tx), and S-meter;

3)  If your Cube has the Softrock option, well set it for optimum drive levels and give you a spectral plot of its RF performance;

4)  A handy, formatted report is provided showing all settings and performance results.

For scheduling and return shipping ($21) ...

[Note: This is not a repair service.  If your Cube isn't working and is not obviously fixable, Ill let you know.]

TXPA Plug-in Board
Kit: $22


Multi-Rx Board
Kit: $19


Cable to connect Cube
with NUE-PSK Modem

(Pay for items selected from above)

Ordering by Postal Mail ...

Print out this order page and mark the the desired items.  Total the prices, add shipping(*), and write check or Money order payable to "Midnight Design Solutions, LLC" and mail to address below.  Maryland residents: include 6.025% sales tax.  

* Shipping fees: 


Everything is in stock and usually ships within 5 days of orders being placed.

Fine Print
Prices, availability and product specifications are subject to change at any time.
Customers accept all responsibilities for following safe and approved assembly practices and product usage.
Orders are typically shipped within 1-2 weeks due to order preparation.
All orders are acknowledged by email, usually within 24 hours.  If acknowledgement is not received, please contact me directly.

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Page last updated:  May 22, 2017