SDR Cube Transceiver
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Yes, I'm still making Cubes and Accessories!

... I've just slowed down a bit in making them these days.  The digital boards are easy but it takes me longer to build/test the RF decks.

So here's what we're doing now:  If you are interested in purchasing a Cube or the RF PowerCube (planned for intro later this summer), email me and I'll put your name on the Reservation List below.  Then when the next Cube or PowerCube becomes available, I'll contact the #1 person on the list and if he/she is still interested in purchasing, I will send a PayPal invoice and once paid I will ship immediately.  Everyone then 'pops' one up on the list and we continue on to making the next one.  But if that person on top of the list is no longer interested, I contact the next person down and go from there.

Hope this works for you and thanks for the continued interest in the SDR Cube Transceiver!

73, George N2APB


SDR Cube Reservation List
     as of July 26    
Name Callsign Target Ship Date
Larry P. K3PEG 28-Jul
Steve Weinert K9ZW (reserved)
Allen Harris VE1INN (reserved)
Shin Yamasaki KI6NTB (reserved)
Dave Ginsberg N3BKV (reserved)
Stan McIntosh KD4BTH (reserved)
Frank Palecek KC2TDK (reserved)
Wolfgang Jahn DL1HID (reserved)
Ken Beck KD9NDJ (reserved)
Tom Sargent W5VS (reserved)
Guy Mengel N1GMM (reserved)
dave dabay KD3PC (reserved)
Gary Martin K6AE (reserved)
William Goodwin KC8ARD (reserved)
Stephen J Murphy WY7SJM  (reserved)
Thomas M. Misirgis SV2CLJ (reserved)
Guru   VU3GDP
RF PowerCube Reservation List
     as of July 26    
Name Callsign Target Ship Date
John McClun NA3NA August 2020
Shin Yamasaki KI6NTB August 2020
Frank Palecek KC2TDK August 2020
Cal Pulliam N4YW August 2020
Stan McIntosh KD4BTH August 2020
Sven Fernlund SA6SVF August 2020
Wolfgang Jahn DL1HID (reserved)
Roman Downer  N4SC (reserved)
Tom Sargent W5VS (reserved)
Obe Rienhardt KC4VZT (reserved)
Stephen J Murphy WY7SJM  (reserved)
Thomas M. Misirgis SV2CLJ (reserved)


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