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SDR Quick Kit





The SDR "Quick Kit" is the next generation of the SDR Cube Transceiver Kit whereby you merely mechanically assemble the pre-built and pre-tested electronic modules, thus enabling you to get to a working SDR Cube within a couple of hours!


There are four major parts to the Quick Kit, as pictured above:

1) Digital Module -- Consists of three pcb assemblies that plug together to form the "computing heart" of the SDR Cube: the DSP Board, the Controls Board, and the I/O Board

2) RF Deck -- Consists of the Enhanced "Softrock 6.3" modules that we've always used (SR-Base Board and the TXPA transmit power amplifier module (your choice of band set)), as well as the Multi-Rx module that we developed to provide general coverage receive from 3-30 MHz.

3) Cables -- 8 cables that interconnect the RF Deck with the DSP and I/O boards

4) Enclosure -- Drilled, power-coated and silkscreened labeled


Mechanical Assembly, Test + Calibration ... Refer to the detailed Online Assembly Guide


Parts List

These are the modules and hardware parts supplied in the Quick Kit.  Note that some pre-assembly might already be done with the pc boards ...




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